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Massages For Corporate Events: Your Ultimate Checklist

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Massage at corporate events is one activity that can be equated to bouncing castles at a children’s birthday party. It’s fun, it’s entertaining and it gets people talking about your brand.

But what if you want to do more than just entertain? What if you're going to make an impact on the attendees of your event? How can you use massage therapy as part of your conference or convention program?

Corporate Event Planners: Who Are They?

The term “corporate event planner” has become synonymous with any kind of event planning. But in reality, there are two types of planners who work with corporations. The first type is the traditional event planner. These planners typically have experience working with large companies and they know how to plan a variety of different kinds of events from small meetings to large conferences.

The second type of corporate event planner is the creative event planner. This person may not have worked with many large companies before but she knows how to create unique experiences for her clients. She might specialize in creating spa-like environments for her client’s employees or she could design a custom golf tournament where participants play against each other instead of playing against their competitors.

What Is Corporate Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is defined by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) as “a system of bodywork performed using hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, knees, feet, and/or devices such as vibrators, rollers, and stretching tools.”

Massage therapists often use these techniques to help relax muscles and relieve tension. Some massage therapies focus on specific areas of the body while others are designed to treat all parts of the body simultaneously.

There are several benefits associated with massage therapy. For example, massage therapy can improve circulation, increase flexibility, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and even boost immunity. In addition, massage therapy can also help prevent injuries and heal wounds.

Why Have Chair Massage at a Conference?

Chair massage is a great addition to any conference or meeting. It provides attendees with a relaxing experience while improving their overall health and wellness. Here are some reasons why chair massage is a good idea:

  • It relieves muscle tension and improves circulation.

  • It reduces stress and increases relaxation.

  • It promotes better sleep.

  • It boosts energy and improves concentration.

  • It enhances mood and helps reduce anxiety.

  • It stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills.

  • It creates a positive environment.

How Can You Use Chair Massage in Your Event?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Corporate Massage Therapy – A great way to get people talking about your company and products.

  2. Stress Relief – If you have a large group of people who will be attending your event, consider offering stress relief sessions in addition to massage therapy. This could include deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, reflexology, etc.

  3. Product Demonstrations – Many companies offer product demonstrations during their conferences and conventions. Why not add a massage demonstration to your list of offerings? You can demonstrate how massage techniques can help with various ailments and conditions.

  4. Employee Wellness Programs – Offer wellness programs to employees before, during, and after your event. These programs can include massage therapy, yoga classes, meditation, etc. The goal here is to promote employee health and well-being while also promoting your company image.

  5. Team Building Activities – Have team-building activities such as golf outings, hiking trips, spa days, etc. Consider adding massage therapy to these activities.

  6. Corporate Events – Do you host annual meetings, retreats, seminars, workshops, etc.? Add massage therapy to your list of services offered.

  7. Special Event Planning – Are you planning a wedding, anniversary celebration, baby shower, bridal/baby shower, etc.? Consider including massage therapy as part of this special event.

  8. Corporate Retreats – Is your company planning a corporate retreat? Include massage therapy as part of the package.

  9. Corporate Training Sessions – Are you training new employees? Or are you conducting training sessions for existing employees? Including massage therapy as part of these sessions can increase attendance and improve retention rates.

  10. Corporate Parties – Does your company hold parties for its clients, vendors, partners, etc.? Consider having massage therapists attend these events to provide relaxation and refreshment.

  11. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects – Does your company participate in CSR projects? Consider giving corporate massage therapy as one of the activities.

  12. Corporate Volunteerism – Does your company offer volunteer opportunities? Consider offering massage therapy as part of those opportunities.

  13. Corporate Awards Ceremonies – Does your company give out awards at your annual meeting? Consider including massage therapy as one of the award categories.

  14. Corporate Meetings – Does your company conduct regular meetings? Consider offering massage therapy to all participants as part of the agenda.

  15. Corporate Seminars – Does your company conduct seminars or other educational events? Consider offering massage therapy along with these events.

  16. Corporate Conferences – Does your company conduct conferences? Consider offering massage therapy at these events.

  17. Corporate Traveling Sales Representatives – Does your company send traveling sales representatives on behalf of your company? Consider offering massage therapy when they travel.

  18. Corporate Trade Shows and Corporate Workshops– Does your company conduct trade shows? Consider offering massage therapy during these events.

Benefits of massage therapy in conferences

1. The benefits of massage therapy for conference organizers include:

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved focus

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Better communication skills

2. Massage therapy is an effective way to relax people before, during, and after a conference. It also helps reduce anxiety and tension. It can be used as an ice-breaker between conference participants and ease networking. So, if you are considering creating an extraordinary conference experience, corporate massage is a must-add to in-person events.

3. Massage therapy is beneficial for both men and women. In fact, studies show that it’s more effective for women than men. This may be due to the fact that women have higher pain thresholds than men.

How Can You Use Massage Therapy At Your Next Event?

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate massage into your next event, here are some ideas to consider:

1. Create A Spa Environment

If you’re planning a conference or convention, why not try incorporating a spa environment into your event? Instead of having attendees sit through long presentations, why not offer them a chance to unwind after the day’s activities?

You can set up a relaxing environment where attendees can enjoy massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Or you can provide a space where attendees can take advantage of various wellness services like yoga classes or meditation sessions.

2. Provide Stress Relief

Stress is something we all deal with every single day. Whether it’s because of our jobs, family responsibilities, or simply being overwhelmed by life, stress is unavoidable. But there are things we can do to help manage stress. One of which is getting a massage!

Massage therapy has been proven to relieve stress and improve overall health. Studies show that massage therapy reduces blood pressure, improves circulation, relieves muscle spasms, and increases flexibility.

3. Improve Communication Skills and create a networking space

Communication is key to success in business. If you want to build relationships with new clients or increase client loyalty, then you need to communicate effectively. And one of the best ways to do this is through body language.

Studies show that massage therapy can improve posture, enhance eye contact, and increase verbal fluency. These improvements allow individuals to speak clearly and confidently. They also make it easier for others to understand what they are saying.

4. Increase Productivity

Studies show that massage therapy can boost energy levels and concentration. When you feel energized, you’ll be able to work harder and better. Plus, when you feel relaxed, you’ll have less time to worry about how tired you are.

5. Reduce Anxiety and Tension

When you're feeling stressed out, tense, or anxious, massage therapy can help calm those feelings. Studies show that massage decreases heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. As a result, you will feel calmer and more at peace.

6. Enhance Overall Wellness

When you’re feeling good on the inside, you’ll look great on the outside too. Massage therapy helps promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and muscles. It can even reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

7. Boost Confidence

Confidence is an important part of self-esteem. When you feel confident, you’ll attract positive attention from other people. That means you’ll get more opportunities to meet new clients and grow your business.

8. Promote Positive Attitude

Research shows that massage therapy can help promote a positive attitude. This allows you to think positively and stay motivated throughout the day. You’ll find yourself looking forward to each day instead of dreading it.

Ideas that conference curators may consider when incorporating corporate massage into their agenda.

If you want to incorporate massage therapy into your conference, here are some tips to help make this happen:

  • Put out a call for corporate massage therapists among your conference exhibitors.

  • Offer a discount to attendees who schedule massages prior to attending the event.

  • Provide a free massage to each participant upon arrival.

  • Have a massage therapist present throughout the duration of the conference.

  • Include massage therapy in the conference package.

  • Make sure your conference has a dedicated space where massage therapists can work.

  • Have a designated time slot for massage therapy.

  • Provide adequate lighting so that massage therapists can see what they are doing.

  • Offer a variety of massage techniques to accommodate different preferences.

  • Provide chair massages during breaks between sessions.

You will need to provide massage therapists with proper training and licensing. They should be able to demonstrate competency in basic anatomy and physiology. They must also be trained in therapeutic massage techniques. Since you are in the event planning business, you must vet the provider based on accreditations. You can find accredited providers through organizations such as the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

The massage therapists should be well versed in working with individuals from diverse cultures. When choosing massage therapists, look for those who are friendly, professional, and easy to communicate with.

Be aware of local laws regarding massage therapy. For example, if you are planning to hold your conference in another country, check with the appropriate authorities there.

Cons to having corporate massage in your event and how to avoid pitfalls

There are several disadvantages to including corporate massage in your conference. Here are just a few:

  • If you don’t offer a discount to attendees who book massages prior to the event, then you risk losing potential clients.

  • If you don't have a designated area for massage therapy, then you run the risk of not being able to accommodate all of your guests.

  • If you do not provide adequate lighting, then you risk making the room too dark for massage therapists to perform their job effectively.

  • If you do not offer a variety of massage techniques, then you risk alienating certain types of attendees.

  • If you only provide chair massages, then you risk creating discomfort for those who prefer other forms of massage.

  • If you fail to train your massage therapists properly, you risk exposing your attendees to unprofessional behavior.

  • If you don't include massage therapy in your conference package, then you risk losing out on valuable revenue.

If you decide to include corporate massage at your next event, it is important to plan ahead. This includes setting up a space for massage therapy, providing adequate lighting, offering discounts to attendees who book massaging prior to the event, and ensuring that you have enough massage therapists available. It's also important to ensure that your massage therapists are properly trained and licensed. Finally, make sure that you vet your massage therapists thoroughly before hiring them.

How to Plan Corporate Events That Include Massage Therapy

Corporate event planners often struggle when they want to add massage therapy to an event. The following tips can help you plan events that include corporate massage:

Plan Ahead

It is best to start planning your corporate event months or even years in advance so that you can incorporate massage therapy into your plans. By doing this, you will be able to take advantage of any special offers that may be offered by massage therapy companies. Proper planning is paramount to the success of anything. Planning an event that includes massage therapy requires careful consideration. The following tips will help you create a successful experience for your attendees.

Choose Your Location Carefully

When selecting a location for your event, consider factors like accessibility, cost, and size. Consider where your attendees live, work, or attend school. Also, think about whether the venue has sufficient parking spaces.

Make Sure There Is Enough Space

When planning your event, make sure that there is enough space for massage therapy. In addition, make sure that there are no obstacles between the massage tables and the rest of the room.

Provide Light

In order to see clearly during a massage session, you need to have good light. Therefore, when designing your event, consider adding overhead lights or using table lamps.

Offer Discounts

Include corporate massage as part of your event package. Offer a discount to attendees who schedule massages prior to the start of the event. You can also offer a discount to attendees based on the number of sessions they choose to receive.

Designate A Room

Before holding your event, designate a room for massage therapy. Make sure that this room is large enough so that everyone attending the event can get a massage.

Train Your Therapists Properly

To ensure that your attendees receive quality service, make sure that your massage therapists are well-trained. They should be certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Hire Licensed Therapists

You must hire massage therapists who are licensed by the state in which you hold your event. Check with your local licensing board to determine what qualifications are required to become licensed.

Hire Only Certified Therapists

It is best to hire only certified massage therapists. These professionals have undergone extensive training and testing to ensure their professionalism.

Vet Your Therapist Before Hiring Them

Before hiring any massage therapist, ask for references from previous clients. Ask if the therapist has been disciplined by his or her professional association.

The Benefits of Including Massage Therapy in Your Event Package

Massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and organizations. Here are some reasons why you might want to add massage therapy to your event package:

Conference Attendees Will Feel More Comfortable

People often feel more comfortable receiving services from someone they know than from a complete stranger. By including massage therapy in your event package, you give your attendees the opportunity to relax and unwind.

Your Attendees Will Be More Productive

People who receive regular massages tend to perform better at work. When people feel relaxed, they are able to focus on their tasks without being distracted by physical discomfort.

Your Attendees Are More Likely To Return For Future Events

If you include massage therapy in your event packages, it will increase attendance rates. People who receive massage therapy before an event are likely to return for future events.

Your Attendees Can Receive Additional Services

Some people may not realize that they could benefit from additional services such as acupuncture, reflexology, or yoga. If you provide these types of services, you can attract new customers.

When planning your next conference, don’t forget about massage therapy! It can help your attendees stay focused throughout the day and enjoy themselves while doing so.

If you are curating your next event, you can contact a mobile massage company like Calming Space Massage, to add a whole new experience to your event. We have massage chairs that would fit all types of events.

Calming Space Massage is Georgia Board of Massage Therapy certified and Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited so you will be in safe hands as we get your massage done.

Our massage therapists are licensed and insured by the American Massage Therapy Association. Give us a call at (470) 242-4057, email us at for a business meeting or book our massage services online.

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